Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What good a life ?, If filled with regrets.

These lines are a letter of advice to me by my dear father. I am attempting a translation here for the few readers of mine who do not understand Hindi. though this time it is just a translation in the form of a paragraph.. rather the gist of what has been conveyed above..

dil ki baat waqt pe suno ...
(hear the voice of your heart at the right time)

Na karo dil se gila,
dil ka kya kasoor hai
Zamaane ke dastur mein
dil ka kahaan milaap hai!
Na suni dil ki baat
saath zamaane ke ho liye
zamaana kahin bichchad gaya
bus dil dhadaktaa reh gaya!
Dhadkane na suni maine phir bhi
zamaane ke khayaal mein, par
zamaana bekhayaal tha,
dil kahte kahte thak gaya!
Gair ke sawaal par
khud ko ansunaa kar diya
zamaane ke khayal se
dil ko rusva kar diya!
Waqt aise hi gujar gaya
aur zamaana badal gayaa
par, dil waise hi dhadak rahaa thaa
jaise phir mujhse kuch keh raha thaa!
Kyaa suntaa mai ab dil ki sada
waqt bahut nikal gaya thaa
zamaane ke khayaal mein mai
khud se be-khayaal ho gaya thaa !

Do not blame your heart,what wrong has it done?When was it bound by the world, when did it adhere to it's conditions? Ignoring your heart, you tagged along with the world, a world which soon sailed adrift, leaving you with only your beating heart.Yet you did not feel the pulse of your heart,numbed by the desire to have the world's approval. "Alas! the world is not concerned", cried out your heart relentlessly, yet for the fear of what others would say, you shunned your own heart.For the sake of acceptance in the world you drove away from your heart.Time however passed,the world changed and you were still there in anticipation of others approval,only you were now wasted,weathered and tired.Now you started feeling a slight pulse and soon you could hear your heart loud and clear.It made sense to you,but it was too late,a lot of time had passed.In the quest of appeasing the world, your own identity,you had lost....

These lines convey a very simple yet a very often neglected point. We always come across crossroads in our life, where we have to make decisions based on either what we believe, our principles, our individuality and the world's outlook. I am not going to tread on which of the two is right. Whatever decision we take, should be made keeping in mind that later in our life we do not regret having done it.Today if we make a sacrifice for someone else, make it only if you are really a kind of a person who can bear pain with a smile for the sake of someone else.. Do not do it just for the sake of being considered great and kind.. For if your actions are not governed by who you are and what you believe in, you will lead a life filled with regrets .. and what good a life , what contending a life, how FULFILLING a life, if it is full of regrets..... 


Kartz said...

Very thought provoking...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

@ kartz .. well it is .. after all it comes from a person who has lived 58 years of his life by his principles .. and i really mean lived for/fought for and protected, them....

Vinz said...


Unknown said...

@ vinu .. thanks for dropping by .. and yeah something to really think about na ..we often do not consider tht our decisions in life can come back and haunt us

Sameera Ansari said...

Do I need to tell you again how much I loved it? :)

All I can say is that,may every child get a father like Uncle.God Bless!

Priya Joyce said...

Hey such an understanding dad u hav u r lucky man really. But don't take tat for granted.

Prash said...

so deep-roted thoughts as advices...ah these parents ! LOL

Unknown said...

@ sameera ..
thanks ... and yeah I am lucky there to have a father who has always been more of a friend than a father

Unknown said...

@ priya ..
thanks ... and yeah ... i know .. never have

Unknown said...

@prash ..
thnx for dropping by ..
and well parents willl be parents .. there's nothing wrong with an advice which is given just as a guideline .. take it or leave it style

Keshi said...

Such a GREAT meaning.

**For if your actions are not governed by who you are and what you believe in, you will lead a life filled with regrets

I agree wholeHEARTEDLY :)

In the end, what matters is if u've lived life the way your HEART desired.


Unknown said...

@keshi .. thanks .. :)
Finallly !! we both agree without any bouts .. ;0
glad u liked it :)

Cinderella said...

Hopped in from Vik's page reading your lines on his latest post. And I see Sammy baby has shed some her magic dust here too in the form of your template, hasnt she ?

Coming here, reading you - hindi mein was just amazing !! I read all your pieces on this page. Bahut achha likhte ho.

YOur dad put the very essence of life in those few words ! Wonderful !!!

Shruti said...

beautifully penned down..
so that means creativity runs in the family..

Shruti said...

beautifully penned down..
so that means creativity runs in the family..

Unknown said...

@ cinderella ..
Thanks for dropping by here .. glad u liked em ... :)
a few words conveying a world of meaning ... i guess thats what experience gives you ...

Unknown said...

@ shruti ..
he he yeah I guess so ... creativity .. too much thinking.. are a few of the traits we all share in the family ..

Anonymous said...

My father has given up on me LOL
Tht was hard hitting and made sense!

Unknown said...

@ swats .. he he .. well my parents always gave us full independence in taking our own decisions .. keep getting these vary rarely and randomly from my father though ...

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

a. It rang so true
b. So now I know where you get the poetry streak from
c. To fell and actually do it in real life need strength of charactar...which I guess I'm developing only off I'm reading this at the best time
d. Iloved the line 'par zamaana bekhayaal tha, dil kehte kahte thak gaya'
e. This time your translation was equally good

Oh and I also read the post on Kashmir and it got me thinking - I really dinno half the things even though we had like discussions on the whole issue many times...but I guess Id heard only the kashmiri muslim side of things..Kudos to your dad.

P.S. Sorry for writing such a long comment.

Unknown said...

@ akshaya .. thanks ... and well as far as kashmir issue goes ... well there is a lot of poilitics involved and sadly even the media taint the real picture..
and my pleasure reading a long comment

Bhanuja Sharma said...

It was lovely reading the whole thing !

Gauri Mathur said...

I Completely agree!
A good decision is a decision which is never regretted in later part of life.

Unknown said...

@ bhanuja ...
Thanks for dropping by ... and glad u like it ..
@ gauri :)
yes .. thts true .. thanks for dropping by

rainboy said...

bhai tu bahut achha likh leta hai
bat maan novel mat likh
shayari likh
tera shauk bhi hai
aur shauk se naam bhi kama lega

your father's words made me miss my father

Praveen said...

such profound words..from a father to a son.. gr8!!
hope u live ur whole life according to this:)

Unknown said...

@ vicky ..
dost shauk nahi .... meri rachnayein meri dastaan hain .. mere khayal hain .. inse shohrat nahin kamani thoda sa pyaar kamana hai aur kuch sandesh pahunchana hai bas ...
aapko accha laga .. kuch apna sa laga ... thodi si aankhein khuli ek nayi disha dikhi .. mere liye itna hi bahut hai

Unknown said...

@ praveen .. I will certainly ... and i do so already ..
thnx for dropping by

rainboy said...

saale itna lamba bhashan de raha hai ruk tu zara mil to sahi..batata hoon tereko

Unknown said...

@vicky ..
kyun be ?? GMK ?
(figure out the abbreviation. it's in hindi.. a lil profane ..)

rainboy said...

abe tu ...

Teri GPL ker di jayegi