Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Trapped !!

I live in a world
governed by reasoning & emotions,
I know not how they synergise,
I can see only corrosion.
For every decision to be made,
in my mind there is commotion,
Whether to trust reason or follow my heart ?
I have neither answers nor notions .

Both seem to be important,
Am often left desolate in ambivalence.
Just when the weight shifts towards one side,
Difference in perception brings back the balance.
I wish sometimes to be a program,
I could decide based on a fixed ordinance,
Decisions would be made quickly,
Dilemmas would have zero tolerance.

They tell me that i am free,
But irony has it that i live in a society.
They tell me how to live life the right way,
Then blame a mishap on destiny.
I wish i could break free and show the world,
That everything in it is a mere parody.
I wish that i could be born free as a simple child,
And then be the sole father of my destiny.