Monday, March 28, 2011



In your stride, through the dunes
ride me through, life's lovely tunes
make the way, through the caves
sail me through, life's troubled waves..

hold my breath in your heart
make sure, we never part
give me bliss, show me smiles
fill my life, with sweet reprise

touch me such, stroke me so
love's aura on me bestow
hold me such, embrace me so
in your being, I eternally show

I wish to walk with you too
when holding your hand
wanting to transcend borders
of waters, air and lands

Step to step I shall move along
turning yellow life's blues
U shall be my purpose sole
U shall be my soul's muse

I have desires to make
each moment sensual divine
wanting to feel you sentient
your sensuousness pristine

Then what is it, we waiting for
why still denied of us we are
time they say, always flies
let's waste no more, forge our ties

come my love, let's walk away
in symphony, throughout the days
lets spend the nights, in warm embrace
of our souls and his holy grace

come, look, the angels smile
on our souls, their love sublime
come, look, angels, we too are
for love in our hearts is pristine pure


 Oh yes, My Love, I do see
the skies turn crimson red
aglow with the shade of our love
hinting what stays left unsaid

In your arms are powers
that hold me soft yet strong
From your breath derive I my air
That lets me smile for long

In you I find my soulmate
in you I find my life
with you I see my destiny
sans any pain, hurt or strife

So do I promise to thee
I shall not fall ever short
of the partner U seek in me
And we shall be, I vow
each-other's eternal support

Yet another of the 'Siddharth Kaul And Purvi' jodi's Jugalbandhi :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

kabhi to kahin to

kabhi to kahin to
paunga mai khud ko tere jasbaatoon mein
rahegi.. mere sang..
tu khil ke ... sang apne armaanoon ke ...
likhenge .. hum kayi..
sunehri si khilkhilaati daastaanein ...
Kabhi to kahin to ..
zameen pe banayenge mahal jo dekhe hain apne khwaboon mein
gayenge .. hum naye ..
geet jo bikherenge rang taranoon mein...
dogi tum.. mujhe kabhi..
har pal mein sang jeeney ke sau afsane...
kabhi to kahin to ...
chayengi rituein bahaaroon waali gulistaanoon mein
jhoomenge ... baharoon sang..
tere mere sapne khule aasmaanoon mein..
tabhi main ..wahin pe..
ho jaunga amar teri ulfat ki un raahoon pe ...
kabhi to kahin to....

Monday, March 14, 2011

The mortar of faith

The first monument
shattered ruins
Once opulent
and filled with dreams

Wizardry of love
brimming in you
Mason rejuvenated
a bastion new

Monument lost
buried behind
a concealed tomb
in dungeons of mind

Bastion glorious
flags uphold masts
the faith mortar
forever lasts

Winds torrent
strike faith
emotions torment
mortar breaks

cracks emerge
buttress crumbled
egos surge
bastion humbled

Dusts settle new
purged mind
clears view
see's what's left behind

The old monument
and new ruins
beneath all the dust
the old shibboleth pristine

could not inter
now I see
the bastion's splendor
monument's eternity

The monument ruins
today stands tall
though the ground screams
at the bastion's fall

The faith mortar soaked
excess and wet
Under test choked
and desolated love left

The mortar dries
in shop of the time-smith
only then monuments rise
from a bastion's genesis....