Sunday, September 07, 2008

Maybe that night...

This is a translation of a Hindi poem I wrote in May 2004 ...

Dusk was approaching the city covered by lights,

there was commotion all around, hustle in someone's mind.

Shadows cast by dark clouds encroached upon the sunlight,

as he kept walking on a path that had been nothing but unkind.

An ordinary man, he traveled on the less often traveled paths,

but his destination was in someone's arms, his love.

He took a detour towards darkness,to face the path's wrath,

as he could sense her fragrance from that road,feel her love.

Blinded in love,darkness tried but invain to be an impediment,

only to find his march getting swifter, and his breath quicker.

Then lightning struck, halting his life long journey in a moment,

It was not fear but the sight of a tear,the momentary glimpse of her.

The moon was now out in the sky, clouds had been banished from there,

the only noise that could be heard was of the silence that lay around.

there was a slight breeze,as their breath caused ripples in the air,

Frigid weather,the only warmth they got was from the heated ground ..

there was only one heart beating maybe,between the two bodies,

faith was flowing between them,the depth seen in their eyess.

filling each other in love's embrace, they sat beneath the trees,

with a haggard body,she placed his head gently on her thighs.

She played with his hair,talking not in words but mischievous signs,

hiding the plethora of thorns that lay pierced in her,under a smile.

He had always known her plight,knew she had endured great pains,

but he kept mum, to make the mesmerizing moment last for a while.

The last expression on their face was that of a contended smile,

as their heartbeats lowered becoming heavier in every breath.

I know not for sure, maybe some tears were shed that day,

maybe those few moments turned eternal,filling life's dearth.

maybe the hearts had succumbed that day,stopped beating,

maybe two souls had joined as one and left the world that night.


Shayad us raat ko....

Din ke teesre pehar ka anth tha, roshini se dhake us shehar mein,

charoon aur chahel pehal thi,shor macha tha kisi ke mann mein

aaftab chup raha tha,ghane baadaloon ki chaon mein

Ek umr lamba safar tai kar raha tha wo,nirdayi rahoon pe.

ek samanya rahi hi tha magar asaamanya raahoon pe,

manzil uski alag thi,door kisi ki baahoon mein.

Ek mod mud gaya vo,chal pada andhere ki oor,

Kareeb kahin thi wo, hawa ki lehron mein ehsaas tha uska.

Andhera ghana tha,par kab gavara thi roshni us ulfat ke andhe ko,

Uski dhadkannein badh rahi thi,kadamoon mein furti bhar rahi thi.

Achanak bijli kadki,aur uski dhadkan jaise tham si gayi,

vo saamne khadi thi uske,aankhoon mein nami bhi thi

mahtaab ab benakaab ho raha tha,shor bhi jaise sirf sannate ka tha,

pavan to beh rahi thi magar,sirf unke saansoon mein.

Ek dil dhadak raha tha,shayad do jismoon ke beech,

Ek vishwas beh raha tha,un aankhoon ke beech.

baith gaye pedon ke neeche vo,pyaar ki baahoon mein,

thaka hua tha wo,aur let gaya tha uski goad mein.

Khel rahi thi uske baalon se,aur baatein kar rahi thi nat khat isshaaroon se,

hasi thi khili hui thi chehre pe,kai chube hue kaante chupaye the usne aanchal mein.

Wo jaanta tha ki dard tha, chupa hua uske dil mein,

par kuch na kehna chahta tha wo,anoothe us ek pal mein.

Ek halki si muskaan aane lagi unke hoonthoon pe,dhadkanein ab bhaari hone lagi thi,

kuch ashq vida hue the shayad us raat ko,kuch lamhe ek sadi bane the shayad us raat ko,

dhadkanein duniya ke sitamoon ke bhaar tale dab gayi thi shayad us raat ko,

do roohein ek ho chod chali thi sansaar, shayad us raat ko...


Anonymous said...


Have u really written tht??
And r u really 22? So this was written wen u were 18 ish??
R u really an investment banker..even bankers hv an emotional, intense side huh ;-)
Very passionate abt poetry kya? Then pursue it with all ur heart J

Thnx for blogrolling me and ur display pic is cute ;-)

Unknown said...

@ swats ..
Chee now I am blushing ..
Yes i am 22 well will turn 23 in a month... and am not an investment banker .. am in the technology part of tht field well even tht will change in a month to a business consultant ..
Thanks .. i have been passionate about it ... ever since i was in class 9 though i started it to impress a girl .. it became a passion :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe.. whtever fuelled ur passion..gr8! Luck!

I dont know y ur post reminded me of Farhan Akhtar's ROCK ON ;-)(i am weird haan)

Unknown said...

Dunno .. i havent seen tht movie yet so could not comment

Sameera Ansari said...

That was so romantically breathtaking.Whoosh! :)

Loved it.

Unknown said...

@ sameera ... Thanks ..but u see.. as i said before I could not separate the pain out .. :(
need to work on that front ..

Kartz said...

That was wonderful...! :)

But, I say again- I prefer the first one (even though I don't indite as well as you do in Hindi...)

Btw, I dunno if you do tags (I do some...) Ve tagged you...


Unknown said...

@kartz ... thnx ... personally i prefer writing in hindi ..
and as far as tags go ...
they dont interest me

Kartz said...

Ah, tht's k... I do only a few myself (tht last one was second of God knows how many...). I dint know abt ur take on tags... Hence asked...

Ya, I remember u telling me when we caught up here... That u prefer writing in Hindi. Lets c... I ve written a few, but heh heh heh... Something restrains me from posting those... Prefer sticking with Angreji... :)

Unknown said...

@ kartz .. he he .. why ? u scared ...?
Lol .. put em up ... its the thought tht matters reallly nt the sentence construction or vocab or grammar

Kartz said...

Hmmm... I wont say 'scared'... Well, its like, I put up those which give me a sense of 'satisfaction' upon completion... I'd rather use 'confidence'... Not that sure they come even close to what I indite in English. But yeah, there is a first to everything. So... Yeah, ll give it a shot...

man in painting said...

amazing stuff...
best wishes..

Rashi said...

luved each line, pretty !

Unknown said...

@MIP... thanks though honestly i am pretty much impressed by the way you yourself portray thoughts on your blog...

Unknown said...

Welcome here ... and thanks.. glad you liked it :)

Praveen said...

romantic to the core..
inspired from real life kya?

Unknown said...

he he no i am still alive and kicking arent i ? ;)

Parul Gupta said...

beautiful poem dear...very touching....

Unknown said...


Purvi said...

Wow! The poem is engrossing, and nowhere does it lose its poetic sway as it moves with the story. The pictorial words are well woven, liked it verrry much! :))