Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The devil and Man's future

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A foul quiet shattered as the breeze filled the midnight with an eerie howl,
Both quiet and howl were deafening ,the land lay devoid of any soul.
The moon was at its full in the sky,it's light immaculate milky white,

Land bereft of it by such clouds,whose darkness was envied by the night.
Suddenly rose a pandemonium piercing the night,from a graveyard nearby,
His curiosity had landed him at the devils lair,else he would have passed by.
He was a man, one of the many few who had survived, quivering with fright,
As the tombstone he sat on,addressed him with a laugh filled with sadistic delight.

"Get up! Get up! You! You must be crazy,else how could you dare,
to trespass boldly into my territory,take rest in the Devil's own lair ?"
"For eons I slept ignoring thee but I am awake,and it's your fault,
Your own actions led to it, sealing your destiny,placing your fate in my vault."
"Your sins proofs have been recorded,your soul is now arraigned,
It's no use trying to defend your case,You deserve to be detained.
But I am bound by some rules of nature,I shall show you some mercy,
I give you a chance to convince me,why I should let you go,condone thee."

Man sought for his ego,thought with it he would speak loud and clear,
But all it fetched him was trembling feet, and words mumbling out of fear.
His hands unintentionally reached out for faith,reaching out for his cross,
In an instant his mind cleared,he spoke without fear of his life's loss.
"I have known no fear,have always endured all degrees of pain,
I have been a sinner of nature,but my sins were not of no avail,not invain."

"It's nature's law,there's always something to loose for something to gain,
I destroyed many, but you cannot condone that in return i too have been slain."
"The shift in balance of nature is by me,a consequence of my desires,my errands,
I have robbed many life forms of their homes,I have been the only brigand."

"The truth of my existence you cannot deny,You will it or not,I shall not die,
I have always been punished by him and we are his creations,both you and I."
"I have been a kaleidoscope of sorts and while I have sinned,have also realised it,
I have redeemed my actions, tried to mend things,even if i had to pay a price for it."

"I am a result of what i made myself, I am the creation of my own actions,
You may curse me, But tell me have i ever blamed God for my own destruction?"
I speak to you today boldly with conviction,One of a many few men who are alive,
no matter what the impediments thrust upon me,to survive i shall unfailingly strive"

The devil appeared as man's own reflection,the encounter a creation of his own introspection,
A regular exercise in the history of mankind,though he was unaware of it's participation.
He geared up for what lay in front his future,not dark,though not very bright,
Forgetting to leave behind a mention of the exercise,like his ancestors, in the night...

I hope that man for once keeps in his memory the hardships he has endured and come out of many times.He keeps it in his memory to ensure he does not again commit the same crimes..
-Descrying the Shadows


Cess said...

wow i like this template, really cool. why do have 2 blogs with duplicate content, people are commenting more on the other one? i prefer this one ;)

descrying the shadows said...

@ cess He he .. naah .. infact people comment on this one more .. the one on wordpress is just 10 days old ... Different networks can reach out more people .. thats all and this template was designed by a friend .. and before tht i did not like the choice of templates offered by blogger ...but now her template has made me ask the same question of myself .. :)

Cess said...

i know the template are not so cool, i ve been changing so many times, i like to change a lot, now i m customizing template, simply by changing the header pictures and colors sometimes ;) keep posting on this one then ;) and read my answer to ur comment on my blog ;)

Parul Gupta said...

hey...it seems the passage has been taken from some book...is it...

descrying the shadows said...

@ parul ...
No maam ... I dont have the habit of copying ideas ... This is a poem i had written in my class 12 around 5 year back .. just copied it from my papers to the blog ..

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Siddarth,

The lines are very deep and thoughtful.,. If you had indeed penned these lines, i believe u seek out as a professional poet, because you have a gift for portraying such facts of life and in a good literary style.,.

Liked these lines:

"I am a result of what i made myself, I am the creation of my own actions,

"The devil appeared as man's own reflection,the encounter a creation of his own introspection,"

We know that God and Devil are of two opposite nature.,. The devil being the Man's reflection, this would make the tenet true that a Man is the true incarnation of God. There is God is each and everyone of the human beings.,. :) Only a few go on to realize the fact.

And your ending lines is very true. The fact that "History repeats itself", is true, moreover Man unfailingly also repeats the mistake , so as to make history is also true ;)

Liked your thought process and your expression !!

Keep Expressing !!


descrying the shadows said...

@prashant thanks ... thats very kind of you ...
Yeah man never learns to learn from his mistake .. rather he never lerns to keep the learning for a long time to come.. let alone eternity ..

Parul Gupta said...

hey siddharth...m sorry if i had hurt u but i dint mean to...

on second thoughts...why don't u take it as a compliment...that it was so professionally written that i thought it is taken from a book...

its cool man...u r really that talented....amazing....u almost have the ability to write something professionally...

hope this time u ll take the compliment in the right spirit...


descrying the shadows said...

@ parul thanks
yeah it did kinda hurt .. but now tht u show me the brighter side ...
cloud 9 is my ground .. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

heyyy Sid!!!:)
Template is very beautiful..i loved it...i also want this color..:D
n ur photo is also very sweet.
Ab aate hai poem ki baree..:)mjhe aache lagee kafe poem samjh mei aaye..:-)kafee nie bhiee:D.U told me once that its a 2 mins game for you to rite such poems:-) its really amazingg Sid...i mean too good..spontaneity is one God Gifted thing not everybody has it,preserve it n carry onn wid the good wrk:-):-):-)
God Bless you!!
take care

descrying the shadows said...

@ gauri thnx a ton
nai yaar its nt a 2 minutes game
but yes
i dont have a pre determined idea of what i am going to write
i just start and let thoughts flow and wen they end i see what form they have taken ... thats why i struggle ot give them a title

Surya, the Ayrus! said...
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Surya, the Ayrus! said...

ahem ahem!!! i read it in one single breath. i liked the cadence in the piece. and the idea, needless to say, profound! stay in touch. i write at http://freshinkblots.blogspot.com

descrying the shadows said...

@ surya ..
and have already checked your blog out via jagruti ... :)

Think Tank said...

cool..thanx for justifying us ..even though we r a rotten species ..btw ..brilliantly put

descrying the shadows said...

@ Think tank ..
yeah rotten but still deserve to survive ..

Praveen said...

hey sid.
while reading ur writeups in jagruti, I never thot u had a poetic side like this..
quite a few lines to ponder over ..
and this might lead me to introspection. but i wud prefer a location better than a grave..am not that brave yaar.

gr8 thoughts..cheers man!

descrying the shadows said...

@ praveen .. thnx .. i will take tht as a compliment :D

Anonymous said...

Thnx for dropping by my blog Siddarth ;-)

You really want to make a difference I believe..TOI has initiated the 'Teach India' campaign..(i guess it covers hyderabad also)i hv submitted my application..if u wish 2 teach the needy,less fortunate & the underprivileged..plz enroll at the earliest ;-)

and u write amazingly well..chkd tht spirituality link..made a lot of sense


descrying the shadows said...

@ swats..
Thanks .. appreciate it...
welcome here

Priya Joyce said...

well put frnd taken aback by the post am brolling you on "my experiences"

cool template nice.

descrying the shadows said...

@priya thanks maam ..
but taken aback ?????

Sreedhar said...

nice work ... a person should not only introspect, but also learn from the mistakes that others have committed .. that will make him a better human being ...

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

This one's amazing..and now I get the context of 'descrying the shadows'. What sets it apart is that its not so much dark literature for the heck of it...theres so much of the blood spurting in the dark night stuff...it conveys a beautiful meaning.

descrying the shadows said...

@ akshaya .. thanks .. and well descrying the shadows .. of man .. myself my society my world ... finding out the root cause of problems
thts the context.. understanding the dark ,,,

Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey awesome post.Loved the description....

Keshi said...

Good post!

Both God and Devil exist inside of each Man.