Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eyes--> of expressions and enigma

It takes a mere glance to be enchanted,a mere peek to be fascinated,a mere look to get infatuated,a mere stare to get agitated,a mere wink to get labeled as a ruffian, a mere tear to get comfort,a mere look of defiance to get noticed...and i could go on and on and on and on and on...and on about what we can receive just by twitch of a muscle of our eyes.
Eyes have been every poets object of praise,very lovers object of admiration,every flatterers object of adulation.In fact I myself seem to have eyes as a feature that turn me on(no pun intended).I wonder WHY ???
Maybe because they could convey thoughts,emotions and feelings much before we could form words.Maybe because you can cheat with words but eyes often speak the truth .Maybe because when eyes convey a message we concentrate more on the person,what he/she is going through and judge, instead of,as is the case with words,interpreting them in any way we find grammatically correct.Maybe because eyes enable a better understanding of the person ,maybe because they convey everything in silence letting only the intended recipient know the truth.
What if sound traveled faster than light ????Where would that land our "eyes"??Science maybe able to give the reason .. maybe..
As far as I go.. I dont think I will ever find an answer that will convince me .. But I do know that I will forever search for every desire i have in them,every fear,every joy,every success,every determination,every mischief,every relationship,every moment that will be worth living for in someones eyes... and hope i reach them .. where only they could via their soul...

PS: for certain friends of mine in UPEN... I know your reaction and i hope you know my answer to it ... ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008

My father's letter to my brother and me....

Dear Kachri,

Time off from my work ; thought of tickling you a bit! First things first - did you receive my mail on personality development ? Let me know.

In the process of growing - mentally & physically - with age, emotional world also grows and finds its expression in certain ways: moments of joy, happiness
and not lacking behind those of grief. Emotional world has many parameters and therefore as many attributes as well, if not more. There is this kind of emotion
among brothers & sisters; between brothers & sisters as also parents and their children. Its intensity between an individual and his/her kith & kins naturally
evolves and , therefore, is not of the same magnitude on a scale. Nothing wrong with that as that is natural.

Above all, there is this very special kind of emotion which - if it finds an expression - causes metamorphosis in an individual's internal world. No body ever plans
for it , but it just manifests itself catching one unawares. That beautiful fleeting moment, that arouses boundless emotional tides, is that of 'LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT'.
Nobody could ever reason it out much less explain it, because it just happens. The communication thru eyes - during that fleeting moment - and both find themselves
on 'cloud 9'. Whatever happens thereafter is not material , but divine intervention makes that marvelous event possible. No reasoning helps; no counseling helps; none
of the sermons help; the defiance to any kind of resistance leads - more often than not - to marriage! How things shape up thereafter, only TIME unfolds the mystery.

Very few fortunate ones experience that kind of divine bliss. For others it is a routine matter - lot of reasoning & planning to find the match - and yet only TIME
unfolds the hidden mystery.

You kids have added a third dimension to this !! That is, trying to look out for one & then reason out mutually whether the prospective bride/bridegroom is worth the
effort & decision!!! Kiddu, in my opinion this is neither arithmetic nor geometric mean of the two approaches detailed in the preceding text.

There are certain fundamental laws of nature that every one of us need to keep in mind - when it comes to inter-personnel relationships - & one of the AXIOMS is that,,



I have always held that anybody who makes a statement," I know him" , makes it out of ignorance if not arrogance. All thru my life I have understood that I do not know myself
because I am sometimes amazed/disturbed/pained/ saddened by my thought process within ; my acts & deeds in the external world, notwithstanding. The point I am trying to make is that even if - lets say - I have done no harm to anyone till date is no guarantee that I shall not do that in future (!!) because base instincts never die out & that I have not been able to erase at least a few of them is my singular failure. Therefore, if your Mom says that she KNOWS ME I smile within myself for the reason that she could not have known me when I am ignorant & unsure of myself , even at 58 yrs of my age.



Life evolves and in the process of doing so it throws up many surprises; brings forth moments of joy & grief. Not all that happens in one's life can be reasoned out. In my opinion, Causation is not the all defining parameter of the dynamics of life. There is something beyond & above all that which we are unable to fathom. Therefore, life cannot be planned in its totality in advance. If I try to do that, I make LIFE COMPLICATED, but LIFE IS SIMPLE!!!



No matter how big a business, a business concern and/or anything that comes to be a part of my life; whatever infrastructure I may devise scientifically for it to succeed
I should not loose sight of the fact that in the end it is the mutual faith & trust that shall oil the bearings of the gigantic wheels of the chariot of my life that encompasses
my endeavours too. Therefore, I always need to start with implicit trust & faith in all that I have and all those who cohabit with me. Watchful may be the word , not
apprehensive for, if I am latter I shall only die every moment and not live a single moment.

To take a pause here, I would think that if you go thru the text seriously it may help !!!!

Love & regards.