Friday, August 01, 2008

... could not give it a title...

Initially I cud not come up with a title but then a friend suggested a title i liked.. so shruti bansal thanks for naming it for me..

Love lasts...Come what may..

A cool breeze was blowing,the night was milky white
clouds were on a break, stars were shining bright.
the curtains fluttered often,breaking the silence of the night,
they lay cuddled under the quilt, having turned off the light..

He held her in his arms, staring deep into her eyes,
she wondered at his act,tried to shy away from his eyes.
she tickled her way out, leaving him with contended sighs,
playing with him, with a child's mischief sparkling in her eyes.

the mischief soon disappeared, as her face filled with pain,
it was their last night together, the thought struck her again..
She cursed herself for it, in her own court she stood arraigned,
she loved him true to her heart, yet was turning into his bane.

she knew he had understood, strongly stood by her decision,
he was responsible for it too, yet she justified his position .
she wanted to see him always smile,have his appellation,
give up her life for his, such was her love's disposition.

it had to be done for her conscience, there was an ethical reason,
their love was true, yet going through with it would lead to a treason.
he had made her believe, their bond could survive all seasons,
she relied on his strength to hold his own, defend their love's bastion.

He saw it all in her eyes, the pain in that moment,
swooped her off her feet,trying to rid her of the torment.
dancing with her still in his arms,as the night grew more silent,
he told her their love would last,even if it became their punishment.

reminded her the code they had made in love for each other
that their life was beautiful because they made it for each other,
their life had joys because they gave them to each other,
that they had a life because they had made it worth living for each other.
even if they had to pay a price for being right,they would pay it together..


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...


Bittersweet moments are what love is about.No matter where soulmates drift to,their hearts beat as one.

descrying the shadows said...

thnx ...
and yes they do..

my inner world said...

certainly it is difficult to give a title so such a wonderful piece of writing:)

i liked the way you have described the tiniest of the detail and also the feeling for each other is written so beautifully!!!

descrying the shadows said...

@ Inner world ..
Thanks,actually it was my first attempt to describe what a girl wud feel .. glad u liked it..

Kartz said...

Guess am late...?

Way to go there... Whatever the price, the hearts beat as one.

descrying the shadows said...

@ kartz ... yep