Wednesday, July 30, 2008

his bride

a day dawned and went by,
giving way to a lonely night
the stars were up , a crystal clear sky,
with a full moon looking milky white
dew on the grass filled two eyes
depleted with hope, towards the sky
the drops did fall as the ground bore sweat,
with the burden of his grief, the fate he had met
the wind grew moist from the tears in his eyes..
tears in memory of his love, heart and life.
agony caused by the loss of his wife..
She would make his problems disappear in a snap,
find a way out for him, through every cul-de-sac.
She would rejuvenate him,often make him a child,
pamper him, with her love make him go wild..
She gave him a thousand reasons to smile,
with her no agony lasted for more than a while..
Now she was gone,flashes of the past crowded his mind,
how she had been selfless and always very kind..
how he had often not noticed her cry,
instead of having wiped them,he let them dry..
Love her, he did, but also his own pride,
he had forgotten to LOVE back his own bride..
The pain of loss, had long left him,
the affliction of repentance now plagued him..
He had lost his chance, and also his pride,
for he had not truly treated her like his bride..


Kartz said...

"Love her, he did, but also his own pride,
he had forgotten to LOVE back his own bride.."

Wonderful... Question- do you think such a loss is permanent? Or do you believe in the destiny stuff- if it has been 'foretold' that she will be yours, it ll be true.

descrying the shadows said...

@ kartz .. I don really know what you mean by that .. or how to answer that as well..
I will put what i believe this way ..
i do not believe in singularity of love as in we can love only one person
no ... you can always love more than one person.. just be committed to one wen u consider the physical aspect of it
I ask of you .. what is wrong with what i said .... keeping in mind ... the person we aare talking about has the maturity to handle it..
destiny .. yes i believe in destiny ... but the loss you talk of here ..what is it ? loss of a life or loss of his love ?

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That was heartrending..

We never really appreciate who we have till they are gone.Never should we take anyone for granted,especially those who love us with all their heart.

Beautiful poem!

descrying the shadows said...

@ sameera ... take them for granted .. yeah u r right there..
thnx ..
though .. i have this to ask of you ..don't u think sometimes one tends to love the other so much that the other person unknowingly starts to take them for granted ...?

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Unknowingly maybe,but once in a while we should clear the cobwebs of the brain and know what went wrong and needs to be worked upon.An imbalance once in a while is fine,but not always where only one gives and the other takes.

descrying the shadows said...

tell me is it wrong to love someone so much that they get pushed into that zone of ignorance unintentionally...and is it wrong of that person to become ignorant unintentionally..? what am i getting at with this poem ...? If love is what i imagine it to be.. then I don know what i wud say to this guy in poem ..? wud i tell him its not his fault and it was destined to be that way or do i tell him his love for her was not true or much lesser ..? complicated..?

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

I didn't say he was wrong.Sometimes we just tend to do it.I don't think he should feel guilty if it was unintentional.If there is a way to make up for it,he should.

descrying the shadows said...

@ sameera ..
yeah thats what many have told me ..... somehow i was never convinced of that ... :) i rest my case

my inner world said...

this is my firs time to yr blog

a really beautiful poem

"She gave him a thousand reasons to smile,
with her no agony lasted for more than a while.."

my fav lines :)

how sad of him that he did not value such a good bride that he had!!!

descrying the shadows said...

@ inner world ..
welcome ..
YEah from a third party's point of view sad for him .. from his point of view ...??? considering he too truly loved her ..

Kartz said...


My question was general. Not in direct relation to your post. I meant the loss of his love. And I did not mean to say what you said was wrong either...

If you believe in destiny... Do you feel that this destiny will return his love to him? (If, of course, you know... That it is 'fated' or that they were 'made for each other'...)

I relate destiny with your post because, well... On reading, you find out how intimate things were. Later, he realizes how his pride had blinded him. So, I just felt like throwing this question... Even after all this, do you think destiny can bring them together again...?

descrying the shadows said...

kartz ..
here i have shown after she dies .. well in a case where they separate .. naah no destiny yaar .. see if circumstances tht u cannot control cause a separation then fine destiny else it is totally upto you