Monday, February 19, 2007

Lady moonlight

lady moonlight,guide me through the darkness, all my life
through the night,towards the golden morning,away from strife
lady moonlight,show me the way to the goal of my life
visions of which haunt my mind and fill my eyes
lady moonlight,teach me, forever there wont be sunlight
and on my path of life many thorns will lie
some peircing my heart and stealing my smile
casing me agony,not letting me rest,even for a while
and then give me the strength to fight..
lady moonlight
Then one day the night shall be gone
and the new day with a golden morning would have dawned
teach me,lady moonlight,the sun shall be soon gone
and all my troubles back,the darkness shall be reborn
and i shall need you then and all along..
so when my heart's heavy and eyes are a sinking ship
come and bless me,give me strength to face life's whip
for the millions of stars in the sky,sit and smile shining bright..
i know its your light which shall kill the darkness in the night..
lady moonlight...

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