Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The last nail ... an adieu

It's been a journey in the true sense of the word, the last few months that is. During it's course I analysed my own self, understood the dark side that lay within me and worked towards freeing myself from it's clutches. I realised the need to send a facet of my character into hibernation, exile rather. The need arose from a simple revelation that I lacked the strength to uphold any form of new relationships and also that I was extremely vulnerable to making new ones as well. Prevention is better than cure; makes a lot of sense to me now, and hence I embark upon a rather "Long hiatus", where I shall put aside my emotions giving them an ample amount of rest. They have been at work for a really long time now. They need to be rejuvenated and as a prerequisite to that, they need to be rested.
For a long time now emotions have taken the front seat in my life and have modelled my personality in ways they deemed mandatory for being a good individual, a good partner. I guess it's time to put them in the back seat now and let the other side take control till the former gets enervated and the later has set my life on a track where I achieve my professional goals. It is not the end of the road for me or my emotions; just a sabbatical. A forced vacation in order to ensure no more mistakes are made either out of foolishness or weakness. The vacation deems of me to give up the media I have since a long time used for expressing my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions. It is time for me to end this side of my thoughts for a considerable amount of time and that requires of me to end this blog "Aggravatingly contumacious yet serene" right here. hence adieu.
Over the last few months I did make some good friends here in this virtual world, ones who gave me care, affection and more importantly their time. I am thankful to them and the end of the blog shall not have any bearing on that, for I do treasure them. For the other readers, it felt nice to read what all had to say about my thoughts, each one of my writings, which were purely a reflection of events in my life and not a figment of any imagination. Did it fetch me a solace ? No, but it fetched me perspectives and for that I am greatly thankful to all. The cocoon has been formed and hopefully what will hatch will be beautiful. I wish you all smiles in your life.

"Life is beautiful, if you make it for someone...

       Life is full of joys, if you give them to someone...

Life is all you will ever need, 
                              if you make that someone your life..."


Anonymous said...

Long hiatus?? Wht r u saying Sid?
U cant disconnect like this
U cant rob us of beautiful poems and heartfelt stories
U cant rob the blogosphere of such a brilliant writer
Yes im selfish, Sid plz don’t do this

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

nahiiii...why cant u be on a hiatus and still post previous writings...esp those poems:(
Ok Ok we shall honour ur decision. Good luck wid professional goals and come bk a happy blogger.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Experience is a wonderful teacher, however, the only problem is that the test comes first and the lesson later!

My first time here, and I must appreciate the manner in which you present your thoughts!

Do take care and please keep writing despite whatever it is that you endeavour to do

Cheers and good luck!


Shruti said...

i will never accept ur goodbye :(
and why am i getting goodbye news from each and every corner??
no no no no not fair...

Preeti said...

well.. if you ve decided, all the best, because you cannot write if you dont want to. I'll be waiting for your writings, always :):)

Priya Joyce said...

hey wat can i comment on this...
I just don't wan't such a niice writer to leev like this..

I wish our comments change ur decision..

but still its ur life ur choice...
we'll miss such good write ups..

rainboy said...

hope u do good.Execute your plans as u planned them.

my warmest of wishes to you man.
remember,delhi is not far from me.So whenever u are there let me know.You know how badly you want me to kick your butt ;D

take care brother

Gauri Mathur said...


Kartz said...


Think Tank said...

r u crazy ..u dont hav 2 write about urself ..write nethin..just dont go off

Thinking Soul... said...

Though there wasn't much talkin done.. I can relate to what you have posted here.. M somewhere mid way my journey here.. Still venting out, maybe someday I'll say a goodbye too when I am done with Blogville.. Keep Smilin whereever you go! It was lovely stoppin by your blog.. but I guess.. All Good Things Come To An End... :)

Khamakha said...

reply to ur comment at my post:

@descrying the shadows- hey welcome.... please don;t say that. its just a humble attempt to put in my silly thoughts... so plz do come back, n express whteva u wanna:)

Keshi said...

Im late here altho I knew u had left. :( I only got some time today and here I am to say Goodbye to u, altho Im not sure if u'll read this comment since ur off blogs now.

I just wanted to let u know that in the very short time we knew each other, u left a big impact on me. Ur such a fine writer, a truly sensitive soul and a beautiful friend. ty for being in my life, cos u made a difference!

** I shall put aside my emotions giving them an ample amount of rest. They have been at work for a really long time now. They need to be rejuvenated and as a prerequisite to that, they need to be rested.

I agree. It has been like that for me the last few weeks. I feel I need to let let my heart rest a lil...and come bak when its fresh and lively again.

U hv a great good...stay happy and most of all keep smiling :) U r being missed!


man in painting said...

never quit.
you are a wonderful writer.
but only you know what is best to you..
select the best.

Sameera Ansari said...

Take a break if you must.What matters most is you and I know that you will be back.Take care dear.


Sushant said...

Dude! i come back to the world of the web and i find you gone!.. wtf.. i was expecting to have some intersting debates now!

come back fast..

Femin Susan said...

Your blog is really interesting... Good Luck...keep writing.

rantravereflect/ jane said...

haaa. i'm back from my last hiatus..

n here you are on your way out..

that's way i call 'perfectly imperfect timing'

anyways, i needed that hiatus..
now I'm back :) YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY :)

sooooo, keep reposting ya older poems, until ya're back :)

n come back soon! hurrrrrrrrray :)

Raj said...

dude...if you are reading this, just don't do something you don't want to just because it feels right...instincts go wrong now and then...
one more thing, writing as i hold is a way of expressing oneself, and that definitely cannot be put on a 'hiatus'...
anyways, hope to hear from you.