Wednesday, July 04, 2007

his bride

a day dawned and went by,

giving way to a lonely night

the stars were up , a crystal clear sky,

with a full moon looking milky white

dew on the grass filled two eyes

depleted with hope, towards the sky

the drops did fall as the ground bore sweat,

with the burden of his grief, the fate he had met

the wind grew moist from the tears in his eyes..

tears in memory of his love, heart and life.

agony caused by the loss of his wife..

She would make his problems disappear in a snap,

find a way out for him, through every cul-de-sac.

She would rejuvenate him,often make him a child,

pamper him, with her love make him go wild..

She gave him a thousand reasons to smile,

with her no agony lasted for more than a while..

Now she was gone,flashes of the past crowded his mind,

how she had been selfless and always very kind..

how he had often not noticed her cry,

instead of having wiped them,he let them dry..

Love her, he did, but also his own pride,

he had forgotten to LOVE back his own bride..

The pain of loss, had long left him,

the affliction of repentance now plagued him..

He had lost his chance, and also his pride,

for he had not truly treated her like his bride..

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