Sunday, July 15, 2007

after a long time..a brand new composition...

I write today a story of two songs..
one ringing life in , other death's gongs
the former, has many forms and is alive
it has happiness, surprise, routine and strife.
it flows in our moments memories and veins..
it gives us a kaleidoscope of pains and gains.
it engenders avarice and redeems our desires..
it has many vendors and a lot many buyers..
the song flows eternally,leaving us behind,
and a sting of our memories in beloveds minds..
It takes us for a joy ride and then leaves us with time,
with the song of death, known as the devil's rhyme..
the song of death ,feared by all,awaits its turn,
till we go on our holiday with life and return....
it waits silently till our tryst with life end's,
it lurks around the corner, everytime life bends..
we fear it in all our moments, be they of humiliation or pride,
while it stays eager as if waiting on the aisle for its bride..
I think of the song and what it would be like,
why it is feared by men and animals alike?
I think of what life gives us,and how it leaves us,
I think of the betrayal, and how it beguiles us
I question it's motives and it's charachter,
watching it play with us gives way to loads of laughter
I come back again to the song no one has ever heard and survived,
the song of death,the one to take us after life, still undescribed..
I then see the solace in those last moments of peoples lives,
when they are aware of life's betrayal in other peoples eyes.
I wonder whether the solace is from the song of death or the song of life?
I wonder is it worth living or worth getting lost in paradise ?
I sit and write of two songs, one of which i will never describe...
one shall ditch me and the other shall take me for a surprise ride.


Matangi Mawley said...


Anonymous said...

This is soooo beautiful!!! And, as you said, the song flows eternally... The life's one! Even death has something to do to it... Death is when you turn off life's light...

SKK said...


gsk said...

quite philosophical, nice!

Anonymous said...

Particularly liked the last part... Life is bewitching; for all that it gives, we will leave with nothing. To dread death, is meaningless.. It is unbiased- sparing neither rich nor poor, the famous nor the notorious et al...

Sameera Ansari said...


They both go hand in hand :)