Friday, June 22, 2007


I shall be there for you, for ever and ever to come..
Lead you out of darkness towards the sun..
To a life of bliss, free from care..
We shall spread it all around with a lot to spare..
Ah..the beauty and shall be a time divine..
A time of happiness, when thou art mine..
My heart's been troubled and has been scared..
But now i know for you only,it had always prayed..
I know now, even if our senses quiver and souls shiver..
We shall hold our hands and keep goin together..
O my love..what the wall of thorns to cross ?
If the mere touch of thy lay across..
Aboard the ship of hardships, we shall sail through fire,
Overcome all,place obstacles of our path on their pyre..
O my love there's a promise i make..
My love for you shall remain..come what may...


Kartz said...

Words- simple, yet strong and reaching. In short, another work of Sids stylus...

Alana said...

This is really beautiful!
A monologue... But I wish you to dialogue!

tamanaa said...

I guess u stil hav nt been into Luv coz u hav nt tuched the parts wer ur luv wud want u..
derz mo other than the worldz evil eye on onez luv der wil b timez of insecurity,pain 4m oneslf wer ur luv wud want u...