Friday, June 22, 2007


During those moments when life's going down.
our eyes are raised and we look around..
to spend a day with the fairy of our passions and dreams..
a day when we don see n think but live those dreams
and that is why we look for love in shadows of life
when all there is, is a tear in our eye..
but the secret of love is something else,elsewhere it lies
it doesnt matter what and how much you get,less or more have no regrets..
for in the end loves only a debt
a debt we got to pay and pay..
with a never ending interest coming our way..
For in it there is no end to how much you can give
and that is why love they say is needed to survive
else our life would just go on..
like a routine an everyday norm
awaken this love,this feeling so true..
spread it in your heart and someone elses too...
time shall show and make you understand ..
loves not simple,not a one night stand
a feeling of giving ,giving all you can
for if you ever say no compromise..
in love my friend you shall pay a dear price.
of having lost your love for upholding your pride..
you shall be lost again with nowhhere to go..
and will go down as a life deplete with hope..


Alana said...

Hummm... I think there's some Shakespeare around... Romeo and Juliet stuffs... Good that you talk about love!!

tamanaa said...

Love is a feeling that cannot be put into words bt u hav xpresd itin such simple bt thotful words.waitin 4 sum mo of such xpressions 4m u...