Monday, March 14, 2011

The mortar of faith

The first monument
shattered ruins
Once opulent
and filled with dreams

Wizardry of love
brimming in you
Mason rejuvenated
a bastion new

Monument lost
buried behind
a concealed tomb
in dungeons of mind

Bastion glorious
flags uphold masts
the faith mortar
forever lasts

Winds torrent
strike faith
emotions torment
mortar breaks

cracks emerge
buttress crumbled
egos surge
bastion humbled

Dusts settle new
purged mind
clears view
see's what's left behind

The old monument
and new ruins
beneath all the dust
the old shibboleth pristine

could not inter
now I see
the bastion's splendor
monument's eternity

The monument ruins
today stands tall
though the ground screams
at the bastion's fall

The faith mortar soaked
excess and wet
Under test choked
and desolated love left

The mortar dries
in shop of the time-smith
only then monuments rise
from a bastion's genesis....

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