Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eyes--> of expressions and enigma

It takes a mere glance to be enchanted,a mere peek to be fascinated,a mere look to get infatuated,a mere stare to get agitated,a mere wink to get labeled as a ruffian, a mere tear to get comfort,a mere look of defiance to get noticed...and i could go on and on and on and on and on...and on about what we can receive just by twitch of a muscle of our eyes.
Eyes have been every poets object of praise,very lovers object of admiration,every flatterers object of adulation.In fact I myself seem to have eyes as a feature that turn me on(no pun intended).I wonder WHY ???
Maybe because they could convey thoughts,emotions and feelings much before we could form words.Maybe because you can cheat with words but eyes often speak the truth .Maybe because when eyes convey a message we concentrate more on the person,what he/she is going through and judge, instead of,as is the case with words,interpreting them in any way we find grammatically correct.Maybe because eyes enable a better understanding of the person ,maybe because they convey everything in silence letting only the intended recipient know the truth.
What if sound traveled faster than light ????Where would that land our "eyes"??Science maybe able to give the reason .. maybe..
As far as I go.. I dont think I will ever find an answer that will convince me .. But I do know that I will forever search for every desire i have in them,every fear,every joy,every success,every determination,every mischief,every relationship,every moment that will be worth living for in someones eyes... and hope i reach them .. where only they could via their soul...

PS: for certain friends of mine in UPEN... I know your reaction and i hope you know my answer to it ... ;)


Anonymous said...

Baath tho sahi hai... Eyes do hold something 'mystic'.. Reminds me of Ruskin Bonds story on the same..

Eyes... Thts how Russell Peters sometimes refers to the Chinese.. ;) On a more serious note, yes- the expressions they convey. How teachers are able to recognise when a student gives a 'blank' stare... Heh heh..

One of my entries made reference to the subject too, if not entirely...-

The mystery behind the optic spheres will stay on... For as u have already noted- there will be poets, lovers et al...

Anonymous said...

I look into your eyes,
Where I find another world.
A world you have created
Of love and joy, beauty and romance.
I long to enter that world.
Just waiting at the door,
Trying to open it.
The lock holds fast,
I can only stare through the window.
Maybe I should break the glass
Going through the window.
It is not possible to shatter the glass
Without shattering the world.
I am at an impasse,
I must wait until you unlock the door.
I will wait and wait and wait
For I know it is worth it.
Hopefully you will come around soon
So that I don't have to wait too long.

Prachi said...


u have a nice blog.... very interesting.... loved the poems.... on ur blog... and ur comments on mine... :)

thanks for dropping by.
keep ur blog going.

cheers :)

Unknown said...

@prachi .. thnx appreciate it

Matangi Mawley said...

tht was very well written.. :)

never really thought about eyes tht way.. the mystic way..as an enigma.. strange tht may sound.. bt may be i was too bored with the filmi versions of "eyes"..
smetimes, i have felt tht, eyes can be misleading too.. sometimes, no interpreter can decode wht the eyes try to convey.. jst my experience.. :)

Matangi Mawley said...

n yes.. thnx for considering me.. i would really like to knw wht the project is abt..

Sameera Ansari said...

Eyes say it all,and sometimes too much,these mirrors of the soul.

I wrote a poem on them once :