Monday, January 29, 2007

"who now has a legend's fame"

The night was calm with a starlit sky
The search for the moon, lurked hither thither in his eyes
He searched for a clear view in a dwindling milky way
Blurred by the tears which filled his eyes and rolled away
Dejected he sat,still staring at the sky
as the silence grew thicker and clouds came by
The moon lost in oblivion,even the starlight was gone
The night grew darker around him,leaving him woe-begone
He sat on the ground moist with tears,
They had frozen in his eyes with the cold of his fear
His tears had stopped but eyes still raised
Questioning the heavens with a helpless rage
He was looking for his answers, wishing for a boon
the best of all his treasures,a glimpse of his moon
The clouds were flying by as night held its pace
as he closed his eyes,thoughts filled with her face
His breath was growing loud,heart beat clear
slowing their pace down hinting at the end which was near
He went through all that night,sorrow happiness and fear
He rose and walked,pulling his legs which had gone stiff
He walked towatds the sky,till theend of the highest cliff
There wasnt a soul nearby,nor a puff of air for a leaf to turn
The night resembled his soul,left with nothing to burn
He wasnt drunk,but had no control over his mind
As he rose again to put up a final tiff,leaving all behind
Something divine the, people say happened that night,
As mist settled down,skies were filled by a light.
He saw her claim some,some say he heard her name
and thats the last they knew of him,who now has a legends fame

1 comment:

shruti said...

Dete hain kyun ye dard bas humi ko

kya samjhenge vo in aankhon ki nami ko

laakhon diwane hon jis chaand ke

vo kya mehsus karega ek taare ki kami ko..